13th European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty
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Special sessions

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We invite proposals of special sessions for the next ECSQARU 2015, to be held during the conference. These special sessions can aim at fundamental, theoretical or practical issues regarding reasoning under uncertainty, in symbolic and quantitative settings.


Submission of proposals should include:

  1. the session title,
  2. a short description of the session and its main topics,
  3. the session relevance to the ECSQARU conference,
  4. a list of organizers (at least 2),
  5. a list of potential submissions.

Each special session should contain at least four papers. Those having fewer than four accepted papers will potentially be canceled, with accepted papers moved either to regular sessions or, if appropriate, to related special sessions.
The upper limit for papers authored by organizers will be 25% (rounded up) of the overall number of accepted papers in the session.

Proposals should be sent to before the 1st December 2014


Special session proposals will be evaluated based on the timeliness, uniqueness of the topic and qualifications of the proposers. The proposers are expected to have a PhD degree and have a good publication track record in the proposed area. After review, a decision on whether the proposal will be accepted will be sent to the proposers. However, it is possible that an accepted proposal will be combined with another one to avoid multiple special sessions covering a similar topic. Accepted special sessions will be listed on the conference website. A final decision will be made two weeks after the submission deadline.


Manuscripts intended for special sessions should be submitted through the general paper submission website as regular submissions. During submission, authors submitting to special sessions should check the corresponding category. Papers submitted to special sessions will undergo the same review and decision process as regular papers. Organizers will be consulted to propose potential reviewers.


Special sessions proposals should be submitted before the 1st december 2014. Submission and decision dates are the same as regular submissions.

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